Biomedical Research Corp. (OTC:MRES) Stock On Watchlist After Latest News

The nutraceutical biotech space has grown at a significant rate over the course of the past few years, and naturally, there is now a lot of interest among investors in options in the sector. One of the companies in the sector that could well be worth looking into is the Institute of Biomedical Research Corp. (OTC:MRES). It is a company that is currently one of the leading players in the nutraceutical biotech space and specializes in medical psilocybin, alternative plant-based CBDs, and advanced mental health therapeutic research powered by artificial intelligence.

Earlier this week, the company was in the news after it came up with a key update. The company announced that Professor Vignesh Maharaj would be a keynote speaker at the 13th Annual Biomedical Research and Innovation Platform Symposium, which would take place on October 16th and 17th.

In its news release, the company revealed that the event was going to provide an insightful exploration of tradition, innovation, and path-breaking potential in biomedicine. The event would also feature a compelling line-up of speakers and deliver an immersive experience to those who may be interested in the latest innovations, trends, and investment prospects in the field of biomedicine.

Professor Maharaj is Deputy Dean of Research and Postgraduate Education at the University of Pretoria. However, perhaps more crucially, he is also the chair of the M2Bio-Discovery Center for AI-Driven Phytomedicine Research. In his keynote speech, he would speak about ÔÇťAfrican Traditional Medicine: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives”.

The address would provide a closer look into the history of traditional healing methods and practices, look into modern innovations, and provide a glimpse into the unlimited potential of those methods for the future. The company further noted that the views provided by the professor on artificial intelligence-powered phytomedicine research would also pique the interest of investors. One of the major topics of the presentation would be African ginger, which is also one of the key research projects for the company.

On September 21, the company had been in the news as well when it announced that it had completed its previously announced acquisition of the cryptocurrency exchange JDAX. The letter of intent regarding the same had been signed by the Institute of Biomedical Research Corp. in June 2023. JDAX, which stands for Johannesburg Digital Assets Exchange, has been a noted fintech company in South Africa. It specialized in Web3, decentralized finance, and blockchain technologies.

At the time, the company announced that following the acquisition, the crypto exchange would be immediately moved to a new jurisdiction. It was noted that the name change would be affected in the upcoming weeks and that the IP would be based out of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Jeff Robinson, the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of Biomedical Research, spoke about the acquisition as well. He noted that he was excited at having been able to get the platform to Dubai and, hence, on to the worldwide stage. He went on to note that there may even be some significant announcements to make in the future regarding the crypto exchange.

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