Helo Corp. (OTC:HLOC) Stock Soars 30%: What’s the Buzz?

It is still only midweek, but some stocks have already made noticeable gains, and on Tuesday, it was the Helo Corp. (OTC:HLOC) stock that emerged as a major gainer as it clocked gains of 30% for the day. It is a data-powered wellness technology firm and is currently a leading player in developing wearable and biological data-gathering devices.

It is also involved in deploying the power of artificial intelligence to bring about a change in human wellness. On December 4, it emerged that not too long ago, the company made an announcement about its product, NutraMatic, at a produce-related event that was held in Taipei, Taiwan.

“We were delighted to announce the genesis of our revolutionary NutraMatic at a recent event in Taiwan,” said Fabio Galdi, Chief Visionary Officer. “Our patent-pending NutraMatic represents the latest advancement of our Helo® AI platform, allowing us to provide precision supplements to our customers in their home, in real-time and based on their prevailing biodata. Our technology team is developIng a solution that delivers dynamic AI-generated performance feedback with individualized lifestyle and wellness recommendations. Each user’s experience will be unique to them, as the platform will detect changes in a user’s biodata and direct NutraMatic to update their supplement combination accordingly, while their app updates their wellness recommendations.”

The Chief Visionary Officer of the company, Fabio Galdi, spoke about the development. He expressed his delight at having been able to make an announcement about the origins of the NutraMatic product at the event in Taipei. He stated that the product from Helo Corp. was still awaiting a patent, but it represented the most recent advancement in the company’s Helo AI platform.

Due to the advancement, it would be possible to provide precision supplements to the customers of Helo Corp. in real time, in their homes, and also on the basis of their biological data. The experience of each user would be unique since the platform would be able to detect changes in biological data and then prompt NutraMatic to change the supplement combination.

The Chief Executive Officer of Helo Corp., Sean McVeigh, noted that the NutraMatic device would allow the company to challenge its competitors, who supply the same supplements to all of its customers, irrespective of changes. He went on to note that the company’s Helo AI recommendation engine also promoted a much healthier lifestyle through customized feedback to users based on their biological data. It remains to be seen if the stock climbs further today.

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