Software Effective Solutions Corp. (OTC:SFWJ) Reports Substantial Advancements Across Operations, Sets Sights on Global Expansion, and Increases Profitability

The interest in the cannabis sector continues to be present among many investors, and if you are currently looking into the sector, then it may be a good move to perhaps take a closer look into Software Effective Solutions Corp. (OTC:SFWJ). The company, which does business as MedCana, is a major player in the agricultural and cannabis technology sectors. On March 27, it came into focus after it made an announcement about the major advancements in its varied portfolio. The company revealed that its subsidiaries were in the concluding stages of negotiations about the varieties that would be exported to the Australian and European markets.

Additionally, Eko20 SAS, the company’s majority-owned subsidiary, had also made quick strides in growing its reach in the agricultural industry. Due to these factors, MedCana had attained a position from which it could generate fast growth. More importantly, Software Effective Solutions Corp. revealed that its move into the cannabis distribution industry was nearing completion and operations had been ramping up in order to meet the strict regulatory and quality standards in Australia and Europe. The expansion into those markets is expected to not only boost the company’s international expansion but also spur growth.

It was also announced that Eko2o had been making major strides in the work related to the distribution of advanced irrigation and greenhouse technologies to some of the biggest avocado, flower, and banana producers in the United States. The expansion was also a demonstration of the commitment of Eco2o to boosting agricultural sustainability and productivity through the deployment of innovative approaches. The Chief Executive Officer of Software Effective Solutions Corp., Jose Gabriel Diaz, spoke about the company’s trajectory as well. He noted that everyone at the company was delighted at the progress that had been made on all fronts.



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