Xtra Energy Corp. (OTC:XTPT) Unveils High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Findings for the American Antimony Project Near Eastgate, Nevada

As midweek action peaks, it will also be a time when investors take a much closer look into the stocks of those companies that have hit the newswires lately. A company that had come into the news cycle yesterday was Xtra Energy Corp. (OTC:XTPT) after it released the report produced by Dirt Exploration related to the interpretation of high-resolution satellite images at around 33 feet in resolution for the company’s American Antimony Project.

The project in question is situated in the Bernice Mining District in Churchill County, Canada. It should be noted that the company is involved in the antimony exploration industry and is focused on the development of American Antimony, its flagship project. The company holds a 100% stake in 207 lode claims across the project, which encompasses an area of 4276 acres and surrounds the historically prolific Antimony King Mine. In the news release, it was also noted that Xtra Energy was working on the development of its portfolio of antimony-related assets so as to become one of the biggest suppliers of antimony-based product offerings.

Dirt Exploration is a remote sensing geosciences firm based in South Africa, and it concluded its analysis through the use of publicly available satellite imagery. As per the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Xtra Energy Corp., Mac J. Shahsavar spoke about the latest development. He noted that, as the company’s CEO, he was elated at the fact that Xtra Energy Corp. had posted the latest findings from the exercise. He called the findings ‘extraordinary’.

Shahsavar stated that the findings demonstrated the hard work and dedication of the team in finding the significant deposit. Additionally, it was also a major new step for the company in its quest to become the only producer of antimony in the United States.

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