Glucose Health Inc. (OTC:GLUC) Stock Rallies 9%: What’s the Buzz?

There were a number of companies that came into the news cycle on Monday, and many of those companies are expected to be in focus this morning. Glucose Health Inc. (OTC:GLUC) was in focus yesterday after it made a key new announcement, and investors could do well to take a closer look. The company announced yesterday that it had expanded its Fiber Up brand of soluble fiber supplements that had been launched in November last year.

The expansion was affected by the launch of two new drink mix flavors in addition to a new product format for the Fiber Up-branded gum drops. In the news release, it was also noted that all those products would soon be made available through Amazon. Fiber Up Fruit Punch and Fiber Up Tropical, the two new drink flavors introduced by Glucose Health, had been formulated so as to provide consumers with a tasty and delicious option for supporting metabolic health coupled with soluble nutrition. The new flavors not only provide the benefits of soluble fiber but are also tasty, making it easier for people to integrate fiber into their daily diet.

Fruit Punch would provide the traditional fruity taste that most consumers like, while Tropical would provide a combination of exotic fruits. The company also stated that all the Fiber Up drink mix supplements were superior on a nutritional level to the market leaders. It contained 100% soluble prebiotic fiber and had no fillers at all. Other than the new drink mix flavors, Glucose Health would also launch Fiber Up Gumdrops. The product would also provide consumers with a convenient option for adding soluble fiber to their diets. The gumdrops would provide consumers with a convenient way of adding fiber to their daily routine while on the move.

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