Atacama Resources International (OTC:ACRL) Stock Gains Momentum: Now What?

There were a number of companies that had come into focus on Tuesday owing to a range of announcements, and one of those was Atacama Resources International Inc. (OTC:ACRL). The company announced yesterday that it had appointed a new Chief Financial Officer in the form of Thomas Moynihan and a new Vice President of Business Development, Brian Praver.

The appointment of such key executives can elicit considerable attention from investors, and hence, it could be a good move to keep an eye on Atacama Resources International stock. In the news release, the company noted that it made those appointments owing to the necessity of taking care of the issues with the fund-raising and financial departments. The personnel who had been appointed to the above-mentioned roles would be entirely committed to taking care of the interests of shareholders and are also eminently qualified to bring in new investors.

The company announced that Moynihan had worked in a range of financial niches over the course of his 40-year career. The experience also included taxes, financial consulting, auditing, and accounting. In fact, he had started his career off in the public accounting space for one of the Big Eight firms. Eventually, he moved on and went on to work with a number of S&P 50 companies.

However, over the past years, he has been involved in financial planning for high-net-worth individuals. It was noted that, owing to his latest work, he could make a significant impact on the future of Atacama Resources International. The company noted that Praver had been a result-oriented regional sales manager and held significant experience in coaching, leading, and recruiting teams committed to higher levels of performance. He is also known for creating strong relationships with clients and partners in some of the tougher markets.

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