Blockchaink2 Corp. (OTC:BIDCF) Stock Gains Momentum: Here is Why

Considering the announcement that the company made this past Friday, it is likely that Blockchaink2 Corp. (OTC:BIDCF) will be in focus among investors this morning. On April 19, the company hit the news cycle after it announced the establishment of a partnership between Bosonic Securities LLC and RealBlocks.

In the news release, it was announced that the Memorandum of Understanding between the two entities would lead to the development of a framework for a binding contract with regards to the clearing, trading, listing, and settlement of tokenized assets from RealBlocks on the ATS (alternative trading system) from Bosonic.

It would also entail the use of proprietary technology and infrastructure belonging to Bosonic. In this context, it could be a good idea to take a closer look into Bosonic Sercurities as a company. It is a technology-powered full-service firm that had the authority granted to it by FINRA (financial industry regulatory authority) to operate in the capacity of a broker dealer and an ATS for equity as well as debt securities, inclusive of digital asset securities. Additionally, Bosonic also has the authority to manage the private placement of debt, equity, and digital asset securities, which are offered and then sold as per the regulations of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Chief Executive Officer of Blockchaink2 Corp., Sergei Stetsenko, spoke about the latest development as well. He noted that everyone at the company was excited at the prospects of the partnership between RealBlocks and Bosonic, which would lead to the expansion of the digital services that would be provided to the existing clients.

Thanks to the partnership, it would be possible for RealBlocks to offer regulation-compliant tokenized assets for instant listing, clearing, trading, and settlement. It may be a good time for investors to consider keeping an eye on the Blockchaink2 Corp. stock today.


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