Net Savings Link Inc. (OTC:NSAV) Stock Rallies 8%: But Why?

The crypto sector has garnered considerable attention owing to the remarkable rally in Bitcoin in recent times, and that has brought significant focus to companies involved in the sector. One of the companies in the sector that could be worth tracking is Net Savings Link Inc. (OTC:NSAV), a crypto, digital asset, and blockchain technology firm.

On Wednesday, the company came into the news cycle after it came up with an update on the OTC Markets yield sign designation and Net Savings Link’s partnership with On April 30, the company received a notification from OTC Markets with regards to the fact that the financial statements that it had filed were for a three-month period and not a 12-month period. Net Savings Link announced yesterday that it had been in talks with its external accountant and that the situation would be rectified soon. The company, however, noted that 2023 had been a landmark year for its business and was on track to surpass its expectations in 2024.

In its news release yesterday, Net Savings Link also noted that it was excited to announce that it had entered into a partnership with (MADA) through its own platform. As per the provisions of the agreement, MADA would be responsible for marketing the platform to its wallet customer base with a strength of 800,000. The company noted that by offering its services to customers of MADA, the goal of Net Savings Link was to grow the user numbers for NSAVx CEX.

The company intends to do so by signing up around 1% to 5% of the MADA customers, which could amount to 80000 to 400000 new users. The company went on to note that the partnership was expected to help Net Savings Link with its customer acquisition plans for 2024. It could be a good idea to keep an eye on the stock today.


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