Greene Concepts Inc. (OTC:INKW) Stock In Focus After Latest News

Considering the major announcement that was made by the company on May 2, it is highly likely that the Greene Concepts Inc. (OTC:INKW) stock will garner considerable attention among investors today. The company announced at the time that it had bagged blanket purchase orders for its BE WATER artesian spring bottled water of the six-pack variant from the retail giant Walmart.

The company announced at the time that the products would be shipped each through the rest of the year and further. It was also revealed that the first order had been scheduled for pickup by Walmart on May 2 or the day after. Eventually, the product was going to be placed on shelves in the brick-and-mortar stores of the retailer. It would be available to Walmart customers at the start of the summer season, an opportune time for beverage product launches.

The announcement from Greene Concepts came not long after the company had made an announcement about the shelf placement of BE WATER in May. Additionally, the company had also announced in a news release that 2024 was going to be a particularly strong year. The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Lenny Greene, also spoke about the significance of the blanket order from Walmart.

He noted that the distribution of the product to Walmart had already commenced, and there was confidence that the product would have a much bigger presence at the retailer’s outlets in the foreseeable future. He also urged customers to look for BE WATER on Walmart shelves during the summer as the company worked on making the product as accessible as possible. He went on to state that Walmart had made a long-term commitment to Greene Concepts, and the company was looking to make maximum use of the opportunity.


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