Sigma Broadband Co. (OTC:SIGM) Stock On Watchlist After a Major News

If you are currently looking into the telecom space, then it may be a good time to take a look into SigmaBroadband Co. (OTC:SIGM), an emerging telecom solutions provider. There has not been any news about the company in recent times, but on October 20, last year, the company made a major new announcement. At the time, the company revealed that it had been successful in completing the acquisition of VDOTel, a major player in the telecom industry. The company noted in the news release that the strategic move also demonstrated the commitment of SigmaBroadband to the delivery of unmatched connectivity solutions and bringing about innovations in the telecom space.

The acquisition was a significant one since it would lead to the coming together of the complementary strengths of the two entities. It would combine the considerable experience of SigmaBroadband Co. with the specialized experience of VDOTel in the cloud-based systems space. Thanks to the acquisition, it would be possible for Sigma Broadband to boost its service portfolio and deliver much greater value to its customers. The Chief Executive Officer of SigmaBroadband, Jeffrey A. Brown, spoke about the development at the time.

He noted that the acquisition marked a significant new landmark for SigmaBroadband as the company continued its work on expanding its footprint in the telecom sector. He went on to state that through the integration of the resources and expertise of VDOTel, the company would be able to boost its capabilities considerably, speed up innovative practices, and get into a much stronger position so as to meet the growing needs of the SigmaBroadband customer. It was also noted in the news release that the combined strengths of the two companies would allow Sigma Broadband to provide consumers with technologically advanced solutions on a more consistent basis.

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