Grow Solutions Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:GRSO) Expects To Develop AI Based Tools To Monitor Corp Health And Growth Patterns For Better Yields

Grow Solutions Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:GRSO) is on track to develop an AI-based tool for detecting growth patterns and the health of the crops. It will use this data to incorporate necessary environmental settings for better yields from indoor Aero based vertical farms. The smart farms will lower the operating costs while improving the yields by employing minimal staff.

Working at a fast pace

Grow Solutions is working at a fast pace to generate an IP using vital grow data and the capabilities of AeroPods. Artificial intelligence (AI) based tool being developed will improve the proprietary firmware/ hardware of AeroPod and helps to supervise the growing environment. The tool will comprise 16 pre-set settings that comprise micro and macronutrient levels, water and air temperatures, lighting, and humidity levels for effective monitoring.

AeroPod Sensor platform includes crop imagery

Grow Solutions will include crop imagery in its AeroPod sensory system for better yields by ensuring the quality of over 65 supported crops. It helps to identify crop quality and measure yields from the images. The new package will also help to detect stresses on the plants without the need for human intervention.

Chad Fischl, President, and CEO of Grow Solutions, said it will use ML (Machine Learning) and remote crop sensing techniques to help farmer get higher yields. The crop advisor reduces labor costs and time and improves margins.

Searching for partners with the proven skillset

Grow Solutions is on the lookout for partners with desired skills to improve the data-driven smart capabilities of its AeroPods. Dr. Abdul Bais is guiding an intern in the development of ML models that uses crop imagery of AeroPod for high quality and improved yields.

Prairie Robotics, an ag-tech company, will partner with Grow Solutions to develop advanced farm equipment. The team at Prairie already developed self-driven farm apparatus and offered the technology to DOT Technology Corp. Sam Dietrich, co-founder of Prairie, said its teams got expertise in image processing development and using ML within the ag and expedite the work of Grow Solutions to accomplish independent modular farms.

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