Halo Labs Inc (OTCMKTS:AGEEF) Signs An Exclusive Deal With Terphogz, LLC To Introduce Innovative Cannabis Genetics: Sales Of Hush Brand Products Reaches $417,000 In May 2020

Halo Labs Inc (OTCMKTS:AGEEF) entered a pact with Terphogz, LLC, for commercialization of unique and innovative cannabis genetics in the state of Oregon. The deal is valid for 5-years and expects to strengthen the product offerings and genetic database of Halo.

Zkittlez fetches 20% higher prices

Terphogz is a well-reputed company for introducing Zkittlez variety of cannabis strains, which boasts a unique terpene profile. Zkittlez commands a 20% higher premium compared to other similar products available in the market. The brand commands followers of more than 200,000 social media.

Zkittlez, together with its genetic crosses, won several accolades and highly sought cannabis strains. Halo expects to harvest 20 Zkittlez strains planted in its East Evans Creek farm and market in November 2020. Halo will distribute concentrates, rolls, and flowers, which are cultivated at East Evans Creek farm under the Zkittlez brand, and derive higher margins.

Exclusive rights for ZKittlez strains

The 5-year accord with Zkittlez allows Halo to cultivate specific cannabis strains in Oregon and provide to the population in Oregon for the first time. Halo gets exclusive rights to a variety of genetic strains, such as Z3 Kush, Zmoothi, and Zkittlez.

CEO of Terphogz, Green R. Fieldz, said the alliance allows it to blend its award-winning genetics with the cultivation expertise of Halo and satisfies the demand in Oregon.

Co-founder and CEO of Halo, Kiran Sidhu, said the deal with Terphogz allows the company to develop an innovative product portfolio of concentrates, pre-rolls, and flowers. It demonstrates the commitment to provide the best genetics to cannabis consumers in Oregon.

Increase in Hush brand products

The sales of Halo’s Hush brand products surged to $417,000 in May 2020 from $298,000 in April 2020 in California despite the impact of ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It expects to maintain the same growth trend going forward by penetrating more stores. The company plans to unveil gummies varieties in various flavors before Q3 2020.

The cannabis sales of delivery services and licensed retailers in the state reached $252 million (down 9%) in April 2020. The sales of concentrates declined to $78.1 million (down by 9.9%) in April 2020.

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