Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc.’s (OTCMKTS:GRCU) New CEO Rich Thomas Growth Strategy Focusing In Iconic Green Brands

Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc. (OTCMKTS:GRCU) announced a new growth strategy and vision days after the appointment of a new CEO, Rich Thomas.

New CEO brings product design and development experience

Thomas has been serving as Green Cures New Business Development Director. Former CEO and Joe Tragessor will remain as an advisor and consultant of Green Cures. The new CEO will bring massive experience in the design, development, distribution as well as selling successful lifestyle brands. He also adds strategic and distribution partnership strategies for the company.

Following his appointment, Thomas indicated he will bring a new vision and growth strategy to the company. He believes in green products’ innovatory potential to help individuals prosper. Thomas added that he was delighted to have the opportunity of innovating and transforming the new world market. He previously founded Jewel Lines Products, an alcoholic spirits firm, and Monster Cable Products Inc.’s Product manager that helped develop and launch Beats By Dre.

The new CEO will bring a new vision and culture in the leadership of Green Cures by overseeing growth openings via product design, production, wholesaling, and distribution investments. Thomas said that they plan to produce iconic green-brands that inspire insightful and expressive experiences with Green Cures’ products.

Green Cures focusing on a new vision

To achieve the new vision, the CEO announced plans of investing in a manufacturing facility in California. He stated that the facility’s investment will offer a huge opening for the launch of new innovative brands and bring design and development of all products in-house. The company plans to get into partnerships, acquire talents, and brands that will make the vision possible. Green Cures is planning to launch new product lines this year, and has been exploring brand purchase opportunities.

Thomas indicated that anyone can produce and sell new CBD and hemp products. Therefore Green Cures its potential and exploit this opportunity by developing and producing radically exciting hemp infused body care, nutrition and sports brands that inspire and cure thus transforming the CBD industry.

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