Medipharm Labs Corp (OTCMKTS:MEDIF) Will Publish Q2 2020 Results On August 13

Medipharm Labs Corp (OTCMKTS:MEDIF) issued a notification that Q2 2020 results will be published on August 13. The company will also host an audio webcast and conference call on August 13, 2020, morning.

Expands pharma quality series branded products

Medipharm unveiled CBD25:5 formulas at the retail level as part of the expansion of its pharma quality branded products; it introduced the latest brand in March 2020. They are manufactured in a GMP certified facility in Canada and suitable for adult users and medical patients. Innovative products that comprise 5mg/ml of THC and 25mg/ml of cannabidiol offer both the cannabinoids’ benefits.

CEO of Medipharm, Pat McCutcheon, said the company is expanding its product line by including an innovative release formula CBD25:5 for everyday use of the customers in Canada. The cannabis brands are developed after collecting customer feedback at the retail level and assessing their health needs.

Enthusiastic to market CB25:5 release formula

Pat said CB25:5 formula is developed to provide potential benefits to the customers. The national medical platform of Canada and a retailer – Medical Cannabis By Shoppers and provincial distributors came forward to introduce this innovative formula to the market nationwide.

Medipharm delivered initial quantities of CB25:5 to the cannabis distributors, retailers, and Medical Cannabis by Shoppers in Saskatchewan and British Colombia. The company will ensure the availability of CBD 50 Plus formula and CBD 25 Regular Formula in multiple jurisdictions across the nation.

Appoints former CEO and President of Nestl? Canada to the board

Medipharm recruited Ms. Shelley Martin, former CEO and President at Nestl?Canada, to contribute to the company’s board. After joining in 1990 and serving in various capacities at Nestl?Canada, she retired in 2018. Martin played an important role in improving the company’s revenues and market share and introduced innovative formulas at differencing prices and packagings. She transformed the core business of Nestl?Canada during her tenure. The company’s annual sales in 2018 are $2.6 billion.

Martin will contribute her strong governance, operational, strategic, and commercial skills to the board of Medipharm. She will play a vital role in expanding its leadership in adult-use, wellness, and medical-use cannabis markets worldwide. Martin received 300,000 options that have a validity of five years on her joining at Medipharm.

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