Koios Beverage Corp’s (OTCMKTS:KBEVF) Fit Soda™ Functional Beverage Available On Walmart’s Online Store

Koios Beverage Corp (OTCMKTS:KBEVF) announced that barely a year since the launch of Fit Soda™, the beverage has attained presence across the US, and is now being carried by most retailers in the US including Walmart’s online store.

Fit Soda™ available in various outlast in the US

Besides the addition of Fit Soda™ to Walmart’s eCommerce platform, the beverage is also available in more than 90 different retail outlets in Wisconsin, various sports nutrition outlets in Southern California, and independent stores across Colorado and two regional grocery stores. Apart from the retail stores that are stocking the four flavors of Fit Soda™, the functional beverages are also available through other outlets such as foodservice outlets and gas stations.

In February last year, the company collaborated with Walmart (NYSE:WMT) after the company received a purchase order from the retailer to supply Fit Soda™ to its 1,094 outlets across the US. KOISO™, whose branded nootropic drinks are stocked by Walmart, stated that the inclusion of the Fit Soda™ functional drinks on its online store is a big boost which shows that the products are becoming popular among consumers. Following the offering of the Fit Soda™ on Walmart’s online store, the company witnessed an increase in sales volumes through the second quarter to date.

Koios selling more Fit Soda™ through Bill’s Distributing

In Colorado, the products are available in several retail stores that include those run by Tony’s Meats & Market and Alfa’s Market Inc. The company recently announced a distribution partnership with Wisconsin-based Bill’s Distributing Ltd., which placed the beverages on more than 90 locations. There has been a surge of order volumes through Bill’s with June reporting more than 10,100 units, a 461% sequential month increase.

Chris Miller, CEO of Koios, indicated that they are proud of the retail and distribution relationships they have established targeting the right markets and regions for their products. This has enabled the company’s products to be accessible to several consumers who already know about the beverages and a new one.

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