Mindleap Health Inc, A Subsidiary Of Mydecine Innovations Group Inc (OTCMKTS:MYCOF), Will Introduce Meditation Program Of Brightmind On Its Digital Health Platform

Mindleap Health Inc, an auxiliary of Mydecine Innovations Group Inc (OTCMKTS:MYCOF), entered a pact to include a comprehensive meditation program of Brightmind in its ADHP (advanced digital health platform).

As per the terms of the deal signed on July 21, 2020, Mindleap will populate its ADHP with a specialized meditation content of Brightmind. The health-conscious users can procure meditation content from Mindleap.

Benefits of meditation content

Brightmind delivers practical and customized meditation content curated by renowned meditation experts through ADHP to health-conscious people to sharpen their mind and stay healthy. The company developed a teaching curriculum considering the meditation techniques nurtured by a well-known meditation expert – Shinzen Young, over 40 years.

Features in Forbes

Shinzen’s meditation techniques are brought to users through the proven app of Brightmind. According to the statistics, downloads of the Brightmind app is clocked at more than 100,000. Tech giant Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) featured Brightmind app in its News App section. The meditation app is also featured in the Huffington Post and Forbes. Harvard University’s neuroscience researchers and renowned scientists from other top universities use Shinzen’s well organized and clear system in designing experiments.

Nikolai Vassev, CEO of Mindleap, said the company gives necessary tools and advice from expert mental health professionals in their palm to make customer’s lives easier and stay healthy and peaceful.

The app provides a way to maintain peacefulness and get relief from sadness and stress. Therefore, programs offered by Brightmind through its ADHP will provide a radical transformation to customers.

Renowned mental health professionals and doctors worldwide are using meditation programs to provide stress relief to their patients. Mindfulness and meditation programs are proven to offer numerous health benefits for over 20 years.

The demand for meditation

The market for meditation is $1.2 billion in 2019. Employers are recommending mindfulness programs to their employees. Calm, Headspace, and Mindfulness training are downloaded by more than 50,000 times worldwide and account for a billion-dollar in revenues. However, such apps only offer simple instructions for meditation, and users are exhausted quickly. On the other hand, the comprehensive meditation program of Brightmind offers more value to the customers.

Toby Sola, CEO of Brightmind, said meditation is the only way to quickly upgrade the mind to meet the daily challenges and achieve success. The company delivers exceptional programs in alliance with Mindleap for the users to maintain sound mental health.

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