Inner Spirit Holdings Ltd. (CNSX:ISH) Expands its Spiritleaf brand with Additional Stores in Alberta and Ontario

With a strong back from local, national, and international brands, Inner Spirit Holdings Ltd. (CNSX:ISH) is seeking to become a pioneer in the Canadian recreational cannabis market. The company has been realigning its strategies to seize this once in a lifetime opportunity. With 20 years of franchising, marketing, and retailing experience, it is clear that it has been providing a proven platform of investing in Canada’s cannabis industry. 

Expansion of the Spiritleaf Brand into Additional Communities

The company has 54 operational locations in Canada. With the expansion of the Canadian cannabis market, Inner Spirit has become the first company to receive Canadian Franchise Association Membership. From this, it has laid out an expansion strategy, which includes opening new stores.

According to the company’s CEO, Darren Bondar, this is one of the many aggressive plans of growth. Having served 205,000 guests in July, the company surpassed the one million customer’s milestone for 2020. 

‘’…We’re proud of every single customer we’ve served this year as that reflects the care and the attention we bring to the shopping experience at our stores for new visitors as well as our loyal repeat customers,” Bondar remarked. 

Enhanced Customer Service Processes to Ensure the Safety of Employees and Customers

Inner Spirit Holdings Ltd has engaged numerous franchise partners either through licensing or constructing their stores. The franchise model is effective primarily for local entrepreneurs because it enables them to share their passion and knowledge of cannabis with customers. 

Other franchise locations are in Fish Creek Village in Calgary and an additional two corporate store locations in Edmonton. The former locations are awaiting final licensing, all these and others were opened in July.

Meanwhile, the company says with the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic; it has enhanced its customer service processes across its stores to ensure customers’ and employees’ safety. It has also embraced a Select & Collect service, which enables customers to pre-shop and order online. The Spiritleaf Collective program, which has already enrolled more than 85,000 members, also allows customers to share their shopping experiences.

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