Greenlane Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:GNLN) Introduces Pre-Rolled Cones In Organic Hemp, Natural Brown, And Rice Blends

Greenlane Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:GNLN) unveiled the first machine produced pre-rolled cones in the market. The clients can choose machine-made pre-rolled cones in cone blends like Organic Hemp, Natural Brown, and Rice.

Organically sourced paper for cones

Greenlane used organically sourced and high-quality paper to manufacture Cones. It used 100% natural Arabic gum to seal the cones. The customers can select pre-rolled cones in three sizes: King, Slim, and 1 ¼.

The latest manufacturing techniques for pre-rolled cones offer improved economies of scale and production efficiency. Each cone is precisely manufactured using the right construction technique and uses less gum. The paper material for the production of cones is manufactured in an ISO9001 certified facility. It is economical and complies with stringent quality requirements.

Bulk orders

The customers can acquire pre-rolled cones in large quantities. It takes up to six weeks for the delivery depends on the size of the order. The company can customize the cones for each brand and comes with CMYK printing.

CEO of Greenlane, Aaron LoCascio said the company introduced machine-made pre-rolled cones after spending significant R & D efforts. The company is committed to offering innovative and trustworthy products to improve the cannabis consumption experience for its diverse customers.

Greenlane posted a drop of 38.85% YoY $32.4 million in revenues in Q2 2020. The company engages in the distribution of consumption accessories and vaporization products in the US. It also offers stock-keeping units such as storage containers, cleaning products, vaporizers, parts, rolling papers, and pipes. Greenlane sells its products in the B2C and B2B Segments. The company carries out its business operations in Canada, the US, and Europe.

Partners with NEO Plastics

Greenlane inked a pact with NEO Plastics. As per the terms of the deal, NEO provides eco-friendly offerings to Greenlane’s customers for the existing packaging lines.

NEO Plastics improves the end life value of plastic packaging using its landfill gas to energy. An additive in the Packaging of NEO Plastics expedites the natural microbial digestion of materials used in the packaging rapidly compared to other plastic substitutes. Biogases produced during the process can be collected and used to produce renewable and clean energy to power the communities.

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