AgraFlora Organics (OTCMKTS:AGFAF) Submits Response To health Canada’s Request For More Information For Ediblse Manufacturing Licence

AgraFlora Organics International Inc. (OTCMKTS:AGFAF) has announced the submission of a formal request to the first Request for More Information (RMI) from Health Canada about its Manufacturing License application. The Standard Processing License is for its 51, 000 sq. ft. automated edibles manufacturing plant in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

RMI response a step closer to a Manufacturing License

This RMI response is an important milestone for the company to obtain a Manufacturing License for the Winnipeg edibles facility. The company submitted its site evidence package on May 28, 2020, to Health Canada for the Standard Processing License. AgraFlora launched R&D trials on August 27, 2020, through its R&D Licences from Health Canada to dial in formulations for the cannabis activated gelatin and pectin gummies, sugar-free variants, and hard candy. Already the company has engaged several Canadian pot companies regarding product development and formulation. The company is optimistic that the R&D services will go a long way in its path to establish lasting production relationships.

EIC Co-founder and Operational manager James Fletcher said that the receipt of a Manufacturing License for the Edibles Facility is a huge milestone. Fletcher said the company has completed the submission of its RMI request, and they are optimistic that following RMI clarifications, they are now closer to getting a Manufacturing License for the facility and commence commercial production.

Farmako enters agreement with Adjupharm for the supply of cannabis flower

AgraFlora’s subsidiary Farmako GmbH signed a binding distribution agreement with IM Cannabis Corp’s Germany subsidiary Adjupharm GmbH. As per the terms of the agreement, Adjupharm will supply Farmako with EU-GMP medical cannabis for distribution to patients in Germany for 3 years. Farmako is expected to supply the products under the IM Cannabis brand to its pharmacies network in Germany.

The first products launched in October 2020, and some of the products Adjupharm will supply to Farmako include high potency THC flower as a start. More products are expected to be added in Q1 2021 with a balance of CBD and THC flower and CBD dominant flower.

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