Amfil Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:FUNN) Is Venturing Into the Cannabis Dispensary Space In Canada

Amfil Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:FUNN) has announced its entrance into the cannabis dispensary business in Canada. The company will begin with an initial pre-vetted retail outlet and then expand to 4-5 locations in Ontario before ultimately expanding across Canada and into the US, and Latin America.

Amfil venturing into the cannabis dispensary space

Since it entered into the cannabis space in 2014 with the GRO3 joint venture, the management has been pondering the initiatives. However, the company’s management eventually changed mainly to growing its main revenue source, Snakes & Lattes Inc. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the company identified the main areas of recession-proof operations. As a result, it decided to venture into the retail cannabis space to bolster itself. There are expected additional synergies as well as cross-business opportunities between the Amfil Technologies subsidiaries.

Amfil Technologies has partnered with David Berkovits, who is an experienced cannabis dispensary operator. Through the partnership, Berkovits will create and manage operations of the company’s new cannabis dispensary division. Berkovits is a licensed operator who will manage the license application process for Amfil Technologies following his recent success in obtaining his license in Canad.

Berkovits will bring massive experience for cannabis dispensary operations

Berkovits has massive experience in the cannabis sector and considerable entrepreneurial achievements. He is among the first to establish cannabis dispensaries and cultivation facilities in Denver when cannabis became legal in Colorado. He helped in launching the largest certification clinic in Arizona, with 5 locations across the state. After Arizona legalized cannabis, he opened the first dispensaries and formed the Arizona Dispensary Association.

Speaking about the partnership with Amfil, Berkovits stated that he was delighted about the new dispensary venture with Amfil. He added that the Cannabis Dispensary business is a lucrative opportunity that they plan on utilizing. The retail partnership offers an exceptional launch point for the cannabis business at a very low startup cost. Through the initial partnership, the company can grow the business quickly and exponentially, and that is what it’s looking for.

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