Wildflower Brands Inc. (OTCMKTS:WLDFF) Signs Branding Licensing Agreement With Rubicon Organics

Wildflower Brands Inc. (OTCMKTS:WLDFF) and Rubicon Organics have signed a Branding Licensing Agreement to bring Wildflower CBD products to Canada.

Rubicon brings Wildflower CBD topicals to Canada

As part of the deal to launch Wildflower’s CBD products in Canada, the deal also includes the launch of the award-winning CBD topicals, the CBD Relief Stick, and CBD Cool Stick that will launch in 1H 2021.The agreement will see Wildflower deliver its CBD products to more than 840 cannabis retail stores in Ontario and across western Canada. Ontario has more cannabis storefronts in the region accounting for almost 8 stores in every 10 outlets.

Wildflower’s wholly-owned subsidiary, City Cannabis Co.’s President Krystian Wetulani said that already there is a high demand for Wildflower products in the country. Wetulani said that customers have been asking about the Wildflower CBD products almost daily. The agreement will address a huge gap in the market considering topical products are the most underrepresented product category in the market currently relative to demand.

Interesting in the US, consumers have been accessing Wildflower CBD products since 2016. The products have gained significant attention and popularity among celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. Kim put the Wildflower CBD products in the fixture at her lavish CBD Baby Shower last year. Also, Kate Hudson called Wildflower’s Relief Stick her 2020 favorite CBD product.

Rubicon perfect partner for Wildflower in Canada

Wildflower’s CEO William MacLean said that Rubicon will be a perfect partner for the company. He said that they are among the top organic growers in Canada with a focus on quality which is one of the shared values between the companies.

Also commenting on the agreement, Rubicon Organics’ president Tim Roberts stated that they looked at different CBD brands to collaborate with and it is Wildflower that stood out. He said they chose Wildflower because of its great brand and also for the quality of their CBD products. Roberts said that they are looking forward to the collaboration with the Wildflower team to deliver the CBD topicals to the Canadian market.

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