TILT Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:TLLTF) Introduces THC Products Under Her Highness NYC Brand In Massachusetts: TILT Gets Invitation To OTCQX

TILT Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:TLLTF) unveiled THC products under the Her Highness NYC Brand in Massachusetts. It is on the backdrop of entering a pact with the provider of cannabis courture products for females on February 24, 2021.

CAC distributes Her Highness NYC branded products

As per the terms of the pact, CAC (Common Wealth Alternative Care Inc), a TILT subsidiary, engages in the production and distribution of Her Highness NYC branded products. Gary Santo, President of TILT, said the launch of products within 30 days after entering a contract is a testament to its production, cultivation, and distribution capabilities and experience in managing supply chains.

TILT is committed to providing dynamic and innovative products to the market while developing relationships with high-value brands. Allison Krongard, Co-CEO of Her Highness, said the company is pleased with the professionalism and expertise of TILT as the best partner.

Laura Eisman, Co-CEO of Her Highness, said its main target is providing cannabis courture for females. The alliance with TILT helps the company to expand its reach across the US.

Many dispensaries across the US now offer Her Highness products like Power Puffs Kief Pre-Rolls, Single Pre-Rolls, and Pleasure Oil. Tanton medical dispensary of CAC also sells Her Highness products.

Receives an alert to trade on OTCQX

TILT is pleased to get an invitation from OTC Markets Group Inc to trade on the OTCQX platform under the stock market ticker – TLLTF. Gary said the invitation to trade on the OTCQX Best Market is a testament to its team commitment to corporate compliance, disclosure, corporate governance, and financial strength.

The up-gradation to OTCQX improves the visibility of TILT and provides access for the shareholders in the US to promote its growth going forward.

Gets approval for expansion of cultivation

TILT is pleased to announce the receipt of approval from CCC (Cannabis Control Commission of Massachusetts) for expanding its cultivation in Tanton. It allows commencing eight additional grow rooms operation at CAC by the end of this month.

Gary said the company is excited to receive CCC’s nod for its second phase of 117,000 sq. Ft. manufacturing and cultivation facility in Massachusetts. The additional grow rooms strengthens its capability to supply premium flower to satisfy the growing need in Tanton and partners.

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