TapRoot Holdings NV, LLC Selects Fiore Cannabis Ltd (OTCMKTS:FIORF) To Provide High THC And Premium Quality Organic Cannabis For Its Roots Extracts Cannabis Products

TapRoot Holdings NV, LLC selected high THC, and high-quality Organic cannabis of Fiore Cannabis Ltd (OTCMKTS:FIORF) for use in its roots extracts cannabis products.

Serves premium lifestyle products in Nevada

TapRoot serves high-quality lifestyle products developed using premium cannabis to satisfy the growing demand in Nevada. CEO of Fiore Cannabis, Erik Anderson, said the company is excited that TapRoot focuses on ensuring high quality and purity for its vapes, cannabis concentrates, and oils. He said the company is excited to provide no-till living soil and organic biomass from its North Las Vegas-based Apex Facility to fit the requirements of TapRoot.

Satisfies high-quality products needs in Las Vegas

Erik further said the company will closely work with TapRoot and support their requirements with high-quality flower. CEO of TapRoot, Shane Terry, said the company focuses on high purity products. Its business theme of providing purest cannabis products perfectly aligns with an organic cultivator – Fiore Cannabis in Nevada. The high-quality flower provided by Fiore Cannabis helps TapRoot in serving the consumers who demand high-quality products in Las Vegas.

The cannabis products offered by TapRoot are well received in the Nevada markets, where customers prefer high THC and premium quality cannabis products. Fiore Cannabis cultivating cannabis with high THC levels at its Apex Facility for supply to TapRoot.

Apex Facility of Fiore Cannabis received several industry awards for growing specific strains and genetics. It is a win for Fiore Cannabis in the hybrid flower category. Fiore Cannabis is focusing on expanding its operations in the US.

Fiore Cannabis entered a pact to sell its Apex facility’s surplus cultivation license based in Las Vegas through its subsidiary to Allied Corp, which actively involves specialty and medical cannabis space. The deal is valued at $15 million. Fiore Cannabis will use the proceeds for the expansion of its Apex Facility.

Erik said the company is planning to work actively with Allied, Calum Hughes, to make the license productive. It will offer benefits for the companies.

Ron Stern and Shane Dungey will step down

Reflecting on the strategy of Fiore Cannabis, its existing directors – Ron Stern and Shane Dungey, will relinquish their positions to pave the way for the selection of new candidates to suit its future needs in the US.

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