Amyris Inc (NASDAQ:AMRS) Strikes Deal With Minerva To Ensure Zero Carbon Protein Production

Amyris has disclosed details about the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Minerva Foods. The new partnership will enable the company to focus on developing molecules that will facilitate sustainable production and distribution of the animal protein. Minerva Foods is a Brazilian business that produces animal protein and relies on leading innovations to cut down carbon emissions in the animal protein production value chain.

Developing molecules

Minerva has promised to fund Amyris on its new commitment to the development of new target molecules. The company will later take up the commercialization role of the developed molecules.The two parties plan to focus on the commercialization of their first product in about 18 months period.

The company will conduct the development of the new molecules in such a way that they will bear wide-ranging natural preservatives from fermentation. The target is to make it possible to transport meat and sell it with a longer shelf-life.

The two businesses will develop and produce an animal-based protein that is based on fermentation. Minerva Foods remains one of the leading companies in producing and selling fresh beef, processed meat, and live cattle exports.

Leaders speak out on the latest development

The Chief Executive Officer of Minerva Fernando Galletti De Queiroz is quite impressed about the latest collaboration with Amyris. The official says that they will continue working with the world’s leading fermentation technology company to develop outstanding alternatives to animal protein.

De Queiroz outlines that they will take advantage of Amyris’s clean fermentation technology to impact the industry significantly. He sees the new collaboration as a great way to disrupt the animal protein industry and also enable them to achieve their carbon reduction goals.

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Amyris John Melo consider the latest partnership as a fantastic way for them to further their business growth goals. Melo discloses that they have always been the kind of business cultivating a culture of striking collaborations with top companies with an in-depth understanding of their end markets. The official outlines that the new partnership will enable them to achieve their long-term product revenue growth targets.

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