3 Tech Stocks That May Turn.

While the coronavirus pandemic raged, many businesses across a range of industries came under pressure and suffered considerably. However, the tech sector emerged as a winner from that chaos and confusion due to the rising demand for its products and services in a world that shifted to remote working and online learning. 

Investors who are interested in major tech gainers over the past year could take a look at these three stocks which are off their highs but may be ready to turn.  

1. MicroVision Inc (NASDAQ:MVIS)
MicroVision stock (NASDAQ:MVIS) has been one of the biggest tech stock gainers in the last 52 weeks recording gains of a staggering 6300%. MVIS took a hit last week of 8% and is down just about 1% for the month. However, news that the company’s long-range light-detection-and-ranging (lidar) technologies could be ready for market this year may keep investors interested. The chart shows us an upward trend in support with higher lows over the last 30 days so this may be ready to turn. 

2. Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ:KOPN)
Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ:KOPN) a virtual reality and augmented reality company saw its shares soar this year. This stock is up an impressive 339% in 2021.  Sales and earnings are both upticking for KOPN. Shares were up 2.6% for the week and 14% for the month. There does appear to be some resistance in this area however If KOPN can get through 12 it may make another run to 14. Keep it on your watch list. 

3. Nano Dimension (NASDAQ:NNDM)
Lastly, it is the Israel-based 3D printing company Nano Dimension (NASDAQ:NNDM). Its shares have been under significant pressure recently. While the stock is up 830% over the last 52 weeks, it is down 55% since its double top high in the 17s earlier this year. NNDM bounced from this area in March so it will be interesting to see if it breaks below or turns and heads higher. Keep an eye out.

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