Will Investors Respond to Splash Beverage Group Inc (OTCMKTS:SBEV) News?

Splash Beverage Group Inc (OTCMKTS:SBEV) made a splash when the beverage company announced it partnered with South Carolina spirit distributor Better Brands who has worked with brands like Corona, Sam Adams, Danica Rose, Chateau Diana, and more for over 50 years.  This is a pretty big deal for the small company, Splash Beverage Group’s partnership won’t turn them into Boston Beer (NYSE: SAM), Craft Brew Alliance (Nasdaq: BREW), or Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV (NYSE: BUD) overnight, but investors interested in the spirit space might take notice.

Better Brands will be distributing SBEV’s SALT Naturally Flavored Tequila throughout the Myrtle Beach region, a place well known for its golf courses, picturesque beachfront, and nightlife; all places where tequila and other spirits flow heavily.  The company describes the taste of their tequila as ‘remarkably smooth, clean and delicate.’ and says ‘the handcrafted bottle of SALT Tequila is the result of years of hard work, determination, and countless blends until they reached perfection.’  From golfers to college co-eds, SBEV’s Tequila could be on the tip of everyone’s tongue, and if it’s as good as it sounds that could mean something.

Splash Beverage Group Inc is trading at $1.24 which is down quite a bit from its February 10th high of $2.31. SBEV’s CEO Robert Nistico’s statements hinted at the company’s desire to obtain more distribution deals and acquisitions so it would seem now is a good time to put SBEV on your radar.

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