Pure Harvest Cannabis Group Inc.’s (OTCMKTS:PHCG) Clean EnergySubsidiary Announces Positec LED testing Results

Pure Harvest Cannabis Group Inc. (OTCMKTS:PHCG) has announced that its portfolio company DC Energy Group LLC has completed a series of harvests on the preliminary testing of the LED light fixtures for marijuana growing in state-licensed facilities in Denver, Colorado. So far, there have been favorable results for every harvest, and the company believes that production continues improving as testing goes on.

Pure Harvest demonstrates positive test resultsfor LED fixtures technology

Interestingly, the positive test results show the LED tech advances in agricultural application and DC Energy’s commercial fixture’s efficacy in marijuana cultivation. The LED fixtures are vital DC Energy Infinergy™ system components, and early results show that LED fixtures can compete with conventional high-pressure sodium lights. With ongoing commercial tests generating harvest data, DC Energy will be monitoring results and try to prove the capability of intelligently managed energy solutions, including solar power, efficient alternative energy sources, and battery storage systems.

David Lindsey, the president, and chief technology officer of the company, said that they are delighted with the initial harvest results and expect to minimize the carbon footprint associated with indoor marijuana cultivation with the tech. He said that with the industry growing, there is a need to look beyond the current electrical grid to power marijuana production.

Sofa King Medicinal Wellness launches website to support SKM Extracts brand

Recently, Pure Harvest announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Sofa King Medicinal Wellness Products LLC has launched a website to support its SKM extracts branded cannabis product line. SKM Extracts brand is part of the commitment to quality under the Sofa King Medicinal Wellness Products company. Every product incorporates dedication and handwork in the last seven years since the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado.

Pure Harvest CEO Neale Gibbons said that the website launch is a massive step for SKM Extracts to enhance its presence in Colorado. Gibbons said that the company has spent decades developing the formulations, and they are delighted to see the SKM brand continue to thrive in the pure Harvest family.

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