What’s Going on With Green Star Products (OTCMKTS:GSPI)

Green Star Products (OTCMKTS:GSPI) is one of the biggest gainers on Friday. Will the momentum continue?

Market Action

As of 10:05, GSPI stock has soared 45% at $0.0267. Total volume was 21.37 million shares have traded hands, well above its average volume of 4.80 million shares.  The stock opened at $0.0266 and moved in a range of $0.0258 – 0.035.

GSPI Releases News

Green Star Products Releases COVID-19 Efficacy Data

  • GSPI today released the successful Viro Spectrum Shield (VSS) efficacy data concerning the COVID-19 virus. More importantly, President Hunt has decided to release, for the first time, the credentials of the Federally Accredited Laboratory that completed the testing program because of the dire situation in India, the Philippines, and some countries in South America, including Brazil.
  • President Hunt has initiated a humanitarian program to deliver thousands of bottles of Viro Spectrum Shield (VSS) to help people in these affected countries at no cost to them.
  • In order to move forward with her program and fast track the delivery of Viro Spectrum Shield, through humanitarian channels, it is now necessary to establish the credentials of the testing facility and provide their results.
  • The successful efficacy testing was completed by the renowned Midwest Research Institute (MRIGlobal.org) a United States Federally Accredited Laboratory, which also runs operations for the U. S. Department of Defense and U. S. Department of Energy.
  • MRIGlobal’s objective in 2020 was to determine if Viro Spectrum Shield had the ability to inhibit cellular infection in vitro by SARS-CoV-2 virus (the virus for COVID-19). VSS had been tested before by MRIGlobal. In 2009, MRIGlobal also completed successful testing on the “PEY” (now called Viro Spectrum Shield) antiviral formula against three additional infectious viruses, specifically A/H1N1, A/H2N3, and B/H2N3. MRIGlobal’s research found VSS to have efficacy against all three viruses. All testing was paid by private funding.

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