Top Losers of Communication Equipment Sector: NASDAQ:FKWL, NASDAQ:ITRN, NASDAQ:UTSI

Below are some of the losers from the communications equipment sector.

Franklin Wireless Corp. (NASDAQ:FKWL) continues to gradually fall since last week. The stock closed up by 5.58% to $9.30. More than 57K shares traded, 32% higher compared to its daily average volume of 38K shares. The stock was down by 60% in the year 2021. FKWL is a California-based company that provides intelligent wireless solutions.

Ituran Location and Control Ltd. (NASDAQ:ITRS) was one of the biggest losers in the Communication equipment Sector as the stock is dropped by 3.56 % to $23.87 after touching 52 weeks high in the morning session. 54K shares exchanged hands, compared to its average volume of 56K. The stock opened at $24.80 and moved within a range of $ 23.59 – 25.00. Moreover, the stock has gained about 35% last year. Over the past 52-week, the stock moved within a range of $ 12.52 – 25.00.

UTStarcom Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ:UTSI) moved down on Wednesday. The stock closed up 2.24% at $1.31. More than 17K shares have been traded hands, compared to its average volume of 567K. Over the past 52-week, the stock moved within a range of $0.82-2.54. The stock has soared 18% in last quarter. UTStarcom Holdings Corp. is a telecom infrastructure provider. It develops technology for bandwidth from cloud-based services, mobile, streaming. UTSI operates in countries like China, India, Japan, and Taiwan. Also dealing in transport network, packet aggregation network, multi-services access network

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