Hemp Inc. (OTCMKTS: HEMP) Gains after Announcing Settlement of Longstanding Lawsuit

Hemp Inc. (OTCMKTS: HEMP) gained 1.18% after the company announced that it had settled its long-standing fiver-year-old SEC civil lawsuit. The company has finalized the final filing, and Hemo is now ready to move forward.

Hemp settles civil litigation. 

Bruce Perlowin and Hemp Inc. agreed to settle the lawsuit with the Securities and Exchange Commission without denying or admitting the SEC’s accusations. Perlowin has moved from CEO to Chief Visionary Consultant (CVC). While he no longer supervises the company’s day-to-day operations, he continues to be the true visionary Hemp, Inc. that stockholders respect and admire.

The company is devoted to its long-term goals and aggressively pushes forward, with new blood and new ideas being added to the management team. Hemp, Inc. has bolstered its expertise by appointing a new CEO and members to its Board of Directors. According to a company executive, Hemp is focusing on sales and marketing, considering the company has a sizeable bio-diverse hemp products footprint with vertical integration in the sector. 

Hemp supporters pushing for regulation 

Recently the company announced that hemp supporters were waiting for the FDA to approve the federal regulation on Hemp Access and Consumer Safety Act. The bill proposed by three US Senators will legalize hemp-derived CBD products as an ingredient in beverages, food, and dietary supplements. However, according to an article in Hemp Today, the FDA’s lack of federal regulations is causing challenges for legal CBD suppliers.

US Hemp Roundtable representative Jonathan Miller said the Act would be a “major win for American consumers, farmers, and the hemp sector as a whole” once enacted. He added that farmers in the US are currently struggling, and the enactment of the bill will allow them to profit from a more stable market. It will also encourage hemp sector innovation and job growth.

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