Metrospaces Inc (OTCMKTS: MSPC) Shows Some Upward Moves On The Market

The share price of Metrospaces Inc (OTCMKTS: MSPC) was $0.00090 on Wednesday, down 5.26%. A month ago, on May 10, the share price of this stock was $0.00 with 190 million share volume. Even until June 8, there wasn’t a significant improvement in the price. On June 8, there were 962 million share volume trading in the market. Day range of MSPC is $0.00080 – $0.0011, while it has a market capitalization of $8.88 million. The average trading volume of shares in the market is 406.99 million. But the company is making some moves with investments in other cannabis companies. 

Strategic investment in Good Hemp Inc.

The company has been holding negotiations with Good Hemp management for a long in an attempt to explore strategic opportunities. Investment in Good Hemp will help Metrospaces move forward. Good Hemp comes with a good standing into CBD space and hemp segment and is also accredited with the first hemp energy drinks. Its experience in CBD can translate into the cannabis business with much more effectiveness. Since 2019, Metrospaces Inc has been exploring its way for strategic investment through interviews with various companies. Good Hemp provides an excellent start to the company. 

Fitting into Metrospaces’ larger picture

The company is looking for innovative IT solutions for its farming operations. This, they aspire to achieve through drone/AI yield observation along with high-tech applications. The company also recently announced that it is moving into the Prop-Tech vertical. The entire strategy is the company’s plan of fitting into the larger scheme of real estate-based assets that use IT to increase productivity and return on investment. 

Metrospaces Inc has a sorted plan. The investors see this as something that’s moving forward. In the years to come, the company might start showing the real results of its strategic investment. 

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