VIVIS, A Subsidiary Of Neutra Corp (OTCMKTS:NTRR), Commences Steps To Sell Its Hemp Derived Products Through Two Big Box Retailers

VIVIS, a subsidiary of Neutra Corp (OTCMKTS:NTRR), commenced the process to market hemp-derived products at two big-box retailers Mid-Atlantic region and the other in the Midwest. It is on the backdrop of the retailers’ willingness to sell more products amid increasing vaccination drive and opening the economies.

Sydney Jim, CEO of Neutra, said the company is ready to ship the products. It has filled in the vendor forms, and production facilities are ready to build sales and improve market share.

Excellent reputation

The lab-tested status of its products makes VIVIS improve its reputation among the consumers. Now its customers can avail top-rated products from big-box retailers in their location. Sydney said the company expects to add new business apart from boosting revenues.

Apart from these two big-box retailers, the company will negotiate with other chains to expand its sales. The NST (national sales team) of Neutra received positive vibes from several big retailers. It needs to submit vendor registrations at these outlets to become a supplier.

Joe Biden’s comments raise hopes

On March 11, 2021, Joe Biden, the US president, said the nation is ready with sufficient vaccines to vaccinate every citizen. The vaccination drive helps to ease coronavirus restrictions.

The mask mandate is already ended in Texas, where Neutra Headquarters are situated. Texas already opened its economy on March 10, 2021. Opening of economy prompts more customers to the stores, who in turn welcome more vendors.

The market for CBD expects to grow

With states preparing to end the lockdowns and temperatures in the US warming, Neutra expects a boost for CBD sales soon. Apart from Texas, other states that ended the mask mandate are Mississippi, North Dakota, Iowa, and Montana. Sydney commenting on the development, said its national team provided feedback that retail stores allow more vendors to add products to their shelves.

The products of Neutra enjoyed a great deal before the coronavirus impact. With economies opening slowly, the company expects a pickup in sales.

VIVIS engages in the manufacture of high-quality CBD products derived from hemp at its two plants based in the Greater Houston area.

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