Curaleaf’s Select Brand Strikes New Partnership Deal With Rolling Stone

Curaleaf Holdings, Inc (OTCMKTS: CURLF) has over the years focused on the production of cannabis consumer products. The company has today pronounced its latest partnership. It is a new deal between Rolling Stone and the company’s Select brand. The new partner happens to be a renowned music and culture authority, and the collaboration will result in the production of leading cannabis products.

The new partnership

The new partnership will take advantage of Select’s experience and resources towards developing outstanding cannabis products.

The new production line will include two product formats. Product consumers will get to enjoy Select’s first-ever pre-roll. The other product in this regard happens to be Select’s newest proprietary pod system known as “The Cliq.”

Rolling Stone discloses that it will soon conduct a celebration in honor of the most outstanding and well-known artists in the music segment. It will also be the time for the best sounds ever witnessed in history. The plan underway is to make both formats available in the celebrations, and they will showcase three flavor profiles and strains that Rolling Stone will pick. The fruity and calming “Phaser” Hybrid and the berry-forward “Overdrive” Sativa happen to be the first two in the line. The third is the complex and full-bodied “Reverb” Indica.

Leaders’ perspectives

The CEO of Curaleaf opines, “Part of my job at Curaleaf is building brands people love. Select is a brand built around the relentless pursuit of progress, and going to great lengths to create the best possible experience for our consumer.” The official is quite happy about their collaboration with Rolling Stone. 

The Chief Operating Officer of Rolling Stone, who also happens to be the company’s president Gus Wenner acknowledges the close tie between music and cannabis. He says that his company has over the years advocated for the legalization of cannabis and is quite impressed with the new partnership. 

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