Lightwave Logic, Inc (OTCMKTS: LWLG) Speaks About The Test Results In The New Optical Modulator

The stock of Lightwave Logic, Inc (OTCMKTS: LWLG) rose to $5.60.This company considers the new modulators to be rather effective in terms of functionality, considering their capacity to triple the speeds of the incumbent devices. The conducted tests are geared towards bringing about a new shift where the company witnesses greater internet traffic.

Efforts towards the enhancement of service delivery

Over the years, Lightwave Logic, Inc has relied on its proprietary electro-optic polymers to enhance service delivery. The service delivery has achieved a lot so far. For instance, it has succeeded in the transmission of data at supersonic speeds utilizing quite minimal power.

The company is quite pleased to unveil its test results coming from the new modulators. It discloses that the new modulators were fabricated back in 2021, adding that they have showcased outstanding performance. The modulators beat the bandwidth design targets, something that the company applauds a great deal. The achievement of a triple data rate as compared to the closely linked devices marks the achievement of a major milestone. 

Lebby speaks out

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Michael Lebby, opines, “I am incredibly proud of our team’s accomplishment – representing roughly tripling of the data rates possible in fiber optic communications.  This advancement is expected to have a profound impact on the traffic flow on the internet.”

Lebby speaks out about today’s systems, outlining that they continue witnessing some optical modulators that function quite well with 3dB optical bandwidths of about 30-40GHz. The leader says that these figures could translate to about 100Gbps PAM4 or 50Gbps NRZ. He doesn’t seem satisfied with such speeds. He says that they will continue mobilizing resources and employing their expertise towards the achievement of greater speeds. The company’s devices happen to be 3 times faster than others.

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