Renova Health Inc (RNVA) stock Moves Up After The Consolidation

The Renova Health Inc (OTCMKTS:RNVA) stock was among one of the notable gainers yesterday as it ended the day with gains of as much as 25%.

That said, it is also necessary to note that there was no news about the company that could have led to such handsome gains. In this situation, investors could do well to take a look at a development from earlier on this month when Renova announced that it signed an agreement with Nevada based VisualMED Clinical Solutions Corp.

As per the terms of the agreement between the two parties, Renova is going to merge two of its divisions, Advanced Molecular Services Group, Inc and Health Technology Solutions, Inc, with VisualMED. The subsidiaries of those two divisions are also going to be merged with VisualMED. Once the agreement is closed, these divisions are going to operate as subsidiaries of VisualMED. It might be interesting to watch if the Renova stock can maintain its momentum today.

Market Reaction:

On Wednesday, RNVA stock jumped by 25% to $0.0008 with more than 128.16 million shares, compared to  its average volume of 251.25 million shares. The stock has moved within a range of $0.0006 – 0.0008 after opening the trade at $0.0007.

Moving Averages

+/- EMA(20)0.0008 (+0.00%)
+/- SMA(50)0.0012 (-33.33%)
+/- SMA(200)0.0509 (-98.43%)
  Pivot Points
NameS3S2S1Pivot PointsR1R2R3

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