AppSoft Technologies (OTCMKTS:ASFT) Launches New Incubator for Emerging Game Making Geniuses – Gamerfy

AppSoft Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:ASFT) has announced the launch of a new division of the company, video game incubator The company is looking to acquire and commercialize the next generation of hit game titles, specifically community play, the Metaverse, and NFT’s, mostly on tablets and smartphones.

Market Action

On Thursday, ASFT stock ended flat at $0.5500 with 1.7K shares, compared to its average volume of 84 shares. The stock moved within a range of $0.5500 – 0.5500  after opening trade at $0.5510.

AppSoft Technologies Launches New Incubator for Emerging Game Making Geniuses

The company develops innovative mobile gaming, Esports news and entertainment portals. The launch of the gaming incubator drew inspiration from the fact that the world’s biggest internet companies are now investing in the best up-and-coming video games. For instance, Tencent bought British company Sumo for $1.27 billion in July of 2021.

The brand new division of AppSoft Technologies, Inc., Gamerfy, is a publicly traded development stage contender in the Esports, mobile app and video game development industry. The incubator will assist in completing the development and launch of hit game titles at all stages from idea to finished product. A panel of gaming industry specialists will be on board, to choose games for development based on their potential for commercial success.

Candidates will get the best help and resources, via AppSoft Technologies’ funding partners. Game creators are to be provided with funding, coders, designers, studios, and iOS and Android Game Promotion Specialists to help develop and commercialize the next hit game titles. Gaming enthusiasts will be involved as well.

Key Quote

AppSoft CEO Brian Kupchik shared his vision, “At Gamerfy, nothing excites us more than helping create great games. We are assembling a team of technical and creative veterans with decades of combined experience in the video game development space. We will devote our time and resources to developing the next hit video game titles. At Gamerfy, we understand that great visions need great direction and we’re here to provide just that. For that reason, we believe now is an ideal time to seek out new emerging winners in the video game space that have the potential to become major successes soon.”

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