For The Earth Corp (OTCMKTS: FTEG) Settles On Dr. Marcus Dewood As The Chief Medical Officer

For The Earth Corp (OTCMKTS: FTEG) has finally pronounced its new Chief Medical Officer called Dr. Marcus DeWood. This company continues aspiring to become a leader in integrative medicine, and the appointment of the new official is expected to spark a positive impact on its business.

Marcus DeWood is qualified for the job

The new official happens to be an internationally acclaimed clinical and research physician, and the company seeks to tap into his outstanding potential. Integrity Health Corp seems determined on its quest to disrupt and challenge traditional Western medicine, and it might succeed considering the high-quality products the company continues to produce. Most of the company’s customers applaud its efforts, saying that its solutions have enabled them to enjoy pain-free experiences and become healthier.

BringingDr. DeWood onboard adds an excellent mind to the company’s outstanding team, considering that the official has about 100 publications to his name.

Dr. DeWood states, “Combining my background in cardiology work and cosmetic dermatology with Integrity Health Corp’s mission of achieving a healthier, pain-free, longer life will only help us obtain that goal much faster.”

The President and CEO of Integrity Health Corporation, Nelson Grist, hopes that the company will gain a lot from the new official’s strong background in cardiology and internal medicine. He adds that they look forward to succeeding in their quest to provide working solutions to more patients.

The letter of intent

The company is also pleased to pronounce its entry into a new letter of intent with Medical Aesthetics Solutions. It is a deal that will enable the company to purchase the MedSpa Point Lumineux in Sarasota.

The founder of Lumineux, Dr. Sera Balderston, supports the latest move, outlining that the company will revolutionize its business model. The official is quite pleased that they will be enjoying the support of a great company and look forward to making significant expansions in the future.

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