Ascent Solar Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS: ASTI) Selected By German Aerospace Centre For Deep Space Exploration Testing

Ascent Solar Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS: ASTI)  has announced that the German Aerospace Centre has picked it for evaluation to develop customer PV products designed for DLR’s expected solar array development system. 

DLR to test Ascent Solar’s novel monolithic modules 

The new GOSOLAR project from DLR aims to evaluate the required deployment tech for a large-scale solar power generation system using a flexible photovoltaic membrane. DLR will be able to solve the challenging requirements that come with this novel process to solar-sail deployment in a gossamer structure. Also, DLR will apply its unique deployment plan while optimizing the area generating electrical power by leveraging Ascent Solar’s proprietary monolithically integrated modules. Solar Ascent’s technology can easily be integrated into off-grid applications and consumer products. 

Dr. Joseph Armstrong,  Ascent Solar  Technologies founding member, and CTO said that DLR had chosen its material for testing its applicability to extensive solar array deployment. He said that the company has been getting popularity in the deep space community, partly because of its distinctive, flexible, and lightweight product and because of the monolithic integration, which allows for more design flexibility than standard crystalline goods. Armstrong said shown that they can change the physical size of their modules to match client needs, and with DLR’s distinctive deployment schemes, precisely designing the company’s solution to support proper stowage and deployment is crucial.

Gossamer formation ideal for harsh conditions such as space 

Ascent Solar CEO and President Victor Lee said they are thrilled to have chosen DLR to deploy their solar sails in a gossamer pattern designed for the harsh space conditions. He said that the company’s design allows optimization of the surface area of Ascent Solar’s award-winning solar tech while maintaining the deployed solar sails’ thin and lightweight profile. Lee said that in the following years, they expect to continue developing and testing with DLR.

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