Avvaa World Health Care Products Inc. (OTCMKTS: AVVH) Reveals Shareholder Apprise Company to merge with the newly created company Gold Quest Capital, Inc

Avvaa World Health Care Products Inc. (OTCMKTS: AVVH) proclaims Omnis Public Capital Management, LLC has assimilated it. AVVH has endorsed new and reviewed board decrees that formally generate new organization and favors the company’s new course.

 Mr. Miguel Sanchez, the CEO, states, “We are motivated about the new course of AVVH, and we are buoyant that our management team will fulfill the necessities of reorganization the company to generate long-term stockholder worth.”  

Omnis Public Capital Management devices to combine AVVH with the newly fashioned corporation, Gold Quest Capital, Inc. The main drive of AVVH/Gold Quest Capital, Inc. will be to deed as the funder of select for extremely collateralized real estate first-lien records and real estate reserves obtained and initiated by the Gold Quest Group, LLC. AVVH/Gold Quest Capital will also benefit from top quality real estate improvement schemes and assess the option of generating its combined possessions, counting proprietary inns and resorts, in the imminent. AVVH/Gold Quest Capital will share some of the matching management side, information & plans, as well as workspace & possessions, with Gold Quest Group, LLC.

Mr. Miguel SanchezPresidentCEO

Mr. Miguel Sanchez is presently President and CEO of Gold Quest Group, LLC, a complete facility Built-up, Viable, and Heavy Manufacturing straight creditor. A born magnate is known for his honesty and desire for real estate, Mr. Sanchez subscribed to his first real estate possession at the age of 17 and co-founded his first real estate business at the age of 19. He is now one of the most appreciated moneylenders in Texas. 

Mr. Jean Paul GarzónFinancial officer 

Mr. Jean Paul Garzón is an expert businessperson who began capitalizing on real estate in his early 20s. Mr. Garzón is a cofounder, stockholder, and board member of several initiatives. Mr. Garzón concentrates on assessing and safeguarding dangers on new undertakings and is renowned for his groundbreaking method of snowballing incomes and asset prices. 

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