Reconnaissance Energy (Africa) Ltd (OTCMKTS: RECAF) Latest Updates Covers Operational Progress And Coronavirus Response Efforts

Reconnaissance Energy (Africa) Ltd (OTCMKTS: RECAF) has unveiled important information regarding the progress of its business operations. The company has also spoken elaborately regarding how it went about staging a solid response to the Covid-19 menace.

Drilling operations

Reconnaissance Energy has dwelt majorly on drilling and seismic operations at the Kavango Sedimentary basin. The company has found it necessary to halt operations for a short while before resuming. The short break will pave the way for the company to undertake maintenance operations. 

 Operations are set to resume in a couple of days. The company hopes to drill to a depth of almost 3,800 m (12,500 feet). Reconnaissance Energy projects that it will complete drilling the second well within the first week of July 2021.

The company analyzed the first section of the 6-1 well and talked about it in the latest update. It disclosed information about the drilling undertaking’s light oil and gas indicators, outlining that the two sat 134 m (440 feet) below the ground. 

Reconnaissance Energy had been looking forward to obtaining regulatory approvals before embarking on drilling operations. It is impressed about getting the approval, and it applauds the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform for its support. It was this ministry that gave it the approval it needed to continue with its drilling operations.

Covid-19 pandemic update

The Covid-19 pandemic brought most business operations around the globe to their knees. The pandemic almost crippled this company, but matters seem to be changing gradually. The company provided updates regarding its response to the severe outbreak in Namibia. Matters look promising, and that is considering that different companies around the globe continue producing vaccines. Workers in different companies and organizations have been taking jabs for wellness purposes. However, according to analysts, the Covid-19 variants that continue hitting different areas cause alarm.

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