Where These Stocks Moved Through the Week: RETC, CURLF, ENZC, PSWW?

12 Retech Corp (OTCMKTS: RETC) dropped 13.64% yesterday and closed at $0.0019. However, over the previous week, the shares have soared 111.11%. Even though there’s anything grand coming from the company, the shares have been skyrocketing 100.00% since the beginning of this year. The company’s gross sales for the period ending December 31, 2019, was $1,628,607, against $92831 gross sales from a year before that. 

Soaring through the week: Curaleaf Holdings

Curaleaf Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: CURLF) is another gainer of the week with a 6.25% hike. On Thursday, CURLF soared 2.85% to $14.46 with 1.4K shares compared to the average volume of 476.31K. The stock moved with the $13.94 – $14.49 range after it opened at $14.19 on Thursday. Over the year, it has been trading within the range of $5.50 – $18.38. This is an American cannabis company listed on the Canadian stock exchange primarily. 

Enzolytics Inc jumping through the day 

Enzolytics Inc jumped 4.18% to exit at $0.18 yesterday. Over this week, though, the stock has tanked 9.80%. On Thursday, the volume of shares was 26K against its average volume of 37.80M. Founded in 2004, Enzolytics Inc is a drug development company that develops and commercializes treatments for infectious diseases. Through the day, the stock moved within the range of $0.16 – $0.21. The market capitalization of this company is 504.47M USD. 

Principal Solar Inc gaining through the week

Principal Solar Inc (OTCMKTS: PSWW) dropped 5.24% to close at $0.14 on June 24. Over the week, this stock has gained 22.79%. On Thursday, 32K shares were trading in the market at the end of the day, against its average volume of 4.14M. The company has also recently announced that converting its Class 6 Vehicle EV for the customers is in the pipeline, alongside e Truck Transportation. PSWW is headquartered in Texas, US. 

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