OTC Stocks on Watchlist Today: USEI, HMB, FMCC, NTDOY

Four stocks on the OTC market to check out for uptrend and downtrend today are USEI, HMB, FMCC, NTDOY. How did they perform on the market yesterday? Here’s a complete analysis on their performance for investors. 

US Energy Initiatives Corp Inc Common Stock (OTCMKTS: USEI) surged 63.64%

US Energy Initiatives is the California-based energy company. The energy and oil sector hasn’t been on a very healthy run since the beginning of global pandemic, but USEI has continued to remain on the green size since beginning of the year. The stock has been seen some action due to buying pressure. On Tuesday, the stock moved north 63.64% and closed at $0.0027. By 4 p.m. there were 15 million shares trading in the market, compared with its average volume of 112.16 million shares. Over the year, the stock has moved within a range of $0.0000 – 0.0079.

Humbl Inc (OTCMKTS: HMBL) remains active through the day

Humbl Inc (OTCMKTS: HMBL) is among the most active stocks on trade on June 29, as the stock lost 1.64% to trade at $1.20. Today, the stock saw 8.1K shares exchanged, against its average volume of 9.91 million shares. The stock opened at $1.24 and moved within a range of $1.18 – $1.24. The stock has a 52-week high of $7.72, while its 52-week low is $1.18. The stock has gained 1.27% over the week, but has lost 26.83% since June 1. 

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp (OTCMKTS: FMCC) gains 10% on Tuesday trade

FMCC, or popularly known as Freddie Mac, gained 10% on Tuesday’s trade. Even though Fannie and Freddie’s shareholders lost the court battle, yet collected gains to close at $1.32, after moving through $1.21 – $1.34 day range. There were 38K shares trading in the market, against its average volume of 3.37 million. However, the investors in this stock are desperately waiting for the new administration to barge in. 

Nintendo 8 ADR Representing Ord Shs (OTCMKTS: NTDOY) underperforms market on Tuesday

NTDOY fell 0.65% on Tuesday’s trade to exit at $73.10 at the ring of bells. The stock was trading within $72.49 – $73.37 range. Over 52-weeks, it has moved in the range of $54.72 – $82.55. Nintendo is a Kyoto-headquartered multinational consumer electronics and video game company. 

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