How did WSRC, DPLS, PHIL, AITX Trade On Thursday?

Four stocks we’re talking about here are as follows.

Western Sierra Resource Corp (OTCMKTS: WSRC)making moves on Thursday trade

Western Sierra Resource Corp (OTCMKTS: WSRC)tanked 23.52%to exit at $0.31after moving through the range of $0.28 – $0.40 yesterday. Its yearly range is $0.0040 – $0.49, and there were 131K shares trading in the market on Thursday against its average volume of 17.60 million shares. Headquartered in Arizona, US, the company has recently announced that it acquired major portion of ownership of Sage Hen Mine and Silver State Mining Group.

Investors continue to push Darkpulse up over acquisition news

On June 30, Darkpulse Inc (OTCMKTS: DPLS) announced signing a Letter of Intent for acquiringTerraData Unmanned, which is a drone based company offering underwater inspection services. The investors took the news well and have been pushing DPLS stock up by 9.75% throughout the week. The stock exited the market at $0.087after moving in the range of $0.078 – $0.087. Its 52-week run is $0.00010 – $0.097.

PHI Group, Inc. Common Stock (OTCMKTS: PHIL) down 35.00%over the week

PHI Group, Inc. Common Stockhas dropped down 16.13%on Thursday and the stock exited at $0.0078after moving through the day range of $0.0075 – $0.0095. The 52-week run of PHIL is $0.00010 – $0.020. It comes with a market capitalization of $187.49 million. There were 1.8 million shares trading in the market yesterday as compared to its average trading volume of 630.00 million shares.

Artificial Intelligence Tech Solutns Inc (OTCMKTS: AITX) continues the bearish story

Artificial Intelligence Tech Solutns Inc (OTCMKTS: AITX)has remained 5.67%down over the month. Through Thursday, the stock tanked 4.15%to exit the market at $0.057after moving in the range of $0.055 – $0.059. The yearly range of this stock is $0.0010 – $0.29. There was a heavy volume of shares exchanged on Thursday, 117K to be precise. The average trading volume of this stock is 43.27 million shares.

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