VirExit Technologies (OTCMKTS:VXIT) Stock Gains Momentum: What Next?

VirExit Technologies (OTCMKTS:VXIT) on July 15, 2021 announced it would be a part of USA Today’s America Reopened special section. VirExit, The SaferPlace Market The VLife, as well as other brands would be accentuated in the guide, which will be both in print and online.

James C. Katzaroff, CEO, said that VirExit is ready to share its new branding with the world including the subscription-based portal, The VLife to our SaferPlace Market.

The company’s fresh subscription-based website, The VLife will be intentionally launched around July 21, 2021, around the same time as USA Today.  With a focus on wellness, productivity, video blogs, guest contributors as well as wealth of information, it will have a lot of things to offer to customers.

Katzaroff added that the company has designed a complete program promoting all aspects of productivity, safety, creativity and wellbeing, adding that it is the second phase of its0 three-pronged approach to the future. Later in the quarter, VSure, VirExit’s third prong, would also be launched.

Its team of professionals, including top top health advisors are assessing a number of educational materials as well as additional products that would be brought on to the market as well as on the site. The company has also invited others to connect for additional products which might fit their services.

Market Reaction:

On Thursday, VXIT stock soared 29% at $0.0133 with more than 54.72 million shares, compared to its average volume of 33.97 million shares. The stock had moved within a range of $0.0101 – 0.0145 after opening the trade at $0.0110. Over the past 52-week, the stock has been trading within a range of $0.0007 – 0.1200.

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