Penny Stocks Watchlist: WNRS, KYNC, CAVR, OZSC                                                                           

More and more investors are nowadays on the lookout for penny stocks on a daily basis and for good reason too. These stocks can often deliver huge gains if the right bet is made. Here is a quick look at four penny stocks that you could add to your watch lists today.

Winners Inc (OTCMKTS:WNRS) – The company operates through a range of subsidiaries and is best known for its work in sports betting advisory services. It offers betting high-quality content, guidance, research, and data to betting enthusiasts.

On Monday the Winners Inc stock was one of the biggest movers as it ended up with gains of as much as 150%. On May 31 the company announced that the revenue-sharing agreement of its subsidiary VegasWinners with Horse Races Now and Next Play Digital had gone live. The agreement had been announced on April 12, 2023.

By way of this agreement, VegasWinners would get access to 380,000 strong user base of Horse Races Now and the users would be able to place bets through VegasWinners. VegasWinners would provide paid football handicapping advice and information to the database of users at Horse Races Now.

KYN Capital Group Inc (OTCMKTS:KYNC) – The company had come into significant focus on Monday among investors and clocked gains of 25% amidst strong interest. On May 18, KYN Capital Group Inc was in the news cycle after it provided a fresh update. The company revealed that it had come up with an extended security PIN that was going to provide a seamless way of transacting across tokens, crypto, coins and more.

The update had been made available on the app on Google Play Store and at the time the company expected that update to be released imminently on the Apple App Store. The company had submitted the Koinfold Pay Desktop Mac version and was waiting for approval from the Apple App Store. KYN Capital Group also announced that it was also going to provide updates to its shareholders about the steps it was taking to monetize its app. The company had witnessed the level of interaction on the app to have gone up considerably and that was expected to help in fuelling its global growth.

ParagonX Holdings (OTCMKTS: CAVR) – Although there was no fresh news about the company in the past week investor seem to be optimistic about the ParagonX Holdings stock. This past Monday the stock clocked gains of 12% to emerge as a notable mover.

On June 9 the company announced that it had concluded definitive agreements with two infrastructure companies that would help it in adding as much as $60 million in annual revenues. It was the first one in a series of transactions across multiple phases. Since ParagonX Holdings would be highly focussed on the infrastructure structure after adding potentially millions in new revenues, it would start working on divesting from its non-infrastructure assets. Additionally, there is also going to be a rejig in its leadership team.

Ozop Energy Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:OZSC) – On June 12 the fully owned subsidiary unit of Ozop Energy Solutions Inc, Ozop Engineering and Design, made a major announcement. It announced that it was in the development stages of a proprietary BACnet Program. The program could potentially be lightweight and scalable and also run efficiently in a Docker instance.

That would help in revolutionizing the smart building commissioning space. The software is being designed in such a fashion that it would be able to scan the network for all the BACnet-capable equipment and identify each object systematically.

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