One of the more important factors in investment success is to be as aware of the latest news as possible. It is no different when it comes to picking penny stocks either. Here is a closer look at some of the penny stocks which have been hot in recent days.

Ayala Pharmaceuticals Inc (OTC:ADXS) – The clinical-stage oncology company is one to watch out for given the announcement it made yesterday. The company announced on Wednesday that it had successfully completed an End of Phase 2 meeting with the United States Food and Drug Administration. Following the meeting, Ayala Pharmaceuticals Inc confirmed that it agreed with the agency on the main elements of the randomized Phase 3 segment of RINGSIDE. The FDA accepted the selection of the 1.2 mg once-daily dose being evaluated by the company in Phase 3. Additionally, the FDA also proposed a clinical pharmacology plan. The Chief Executive Officer and President of the company Ken Berlin noted that the clinical data that had been generated from the studies supported Ayala Pharmaceuticals’ belief that the product AL 102 could potentially be the best gamma-secreted inhibitor in its class.

BTQ Technologies Corp (OTC: BTQFF) – The global quantum technology company is focused on providing security to mission-critical networks. On Wednesday BTQ Technologies Corp announced that it had gone into a research partnership with the International Research Institute of Cyber Security (IRCS). The partnership was consummated through a Memorandum of Understanding.

The two entities are going to be focussed on the development of post-quantum cryptography. Specifically, BTQ Technologies Corp and IRCS are going to collaborate on the research and application of the Secure algorithm for Long–term Message Authentication and Encryption (SOLMAE), which had been developed by IRCS. The partnership would also work on exploring other lattice-based crypto systems. Olivier Roussy Newtown, the Chief Executive Officer of the company spoke about the matter as well.

He noted that the collaboration with IRCS was perfectly in line with the aims and objectives of the company which deal with countering the threats from quantum computers.

Drone Delivery CDA Corp (OTC:TAKOF) – On Wednesday the company came into the news cycle after it applauded the release of the revolutionary drone safety regulations for beyond visual line-of-sight (“BVLOS”) operations by Transport Canada. Drone Delivery CDA Corp noted that it marked a major new milestone for the drone industry and would unlock plenty of new opportunities, thereby strengthening the drone delivery space in Canada.

The draft regulations had been announced by Transport Canada on June 23 and that demonstrated the commitment of the government towards encouraging innovations. In its announcement yesterday, Drone Delivery CDA Corp noted that the release would lead to expanded reach, higher efficiencies, better safety and scalability. The company’s Chief Executive Officer Steve Magirias noted that the regulatory move aligned perfectly with the company’s own aims and objectives.

Fosterville South Exploration Ltd (OTC: FSXLF) – Yesterday the company revealed that as revealed in its press release on April 19, 2023, it went into a definitive agreement for the acquisition of 15,103,452 Canada Inc, a fully owned subsidiary of FSX and Wild Dog Resources Inc. As per the provisions of the agreement, Fosterville South Exploration Ltd would acquire all the outstanding and issued shares of WDR through a three-cornered amalgamation.

Through this transaction, both FSX and Wild Dog Resources would amalgamate and continue to operate as a single company, which would be a fully owned subsidiary of Fosterville South Exploration. It was a significant new announcement and one that could bring the company into focus among investors.

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