Penny Stocks Buzzers: WNRS, BDPT, GCAN, DLOC

When penny stocks buzz and rally strongly, it leads to considerable attention from many investors. If the momentum is maintained then those stocks could continue to add to their gains. This feature is going to provide you with a closer look into four penny stocks which had been buzzing in recent days.

Winners Inc (OTC:WNRS) – The sports betting sector is growing at an impressive pace and a company that may be worth tracking is Winners Inc. It is involved in providing high-quality content, analysis, data, research, and guidance tailored to popular sports. The company announced on May 31 that the revenues sharing agreement of its subsidiary VegasWinners with Horse Races Now and Next Play Digital had gone live on multiple streams.

Horse Races Now boasts a database of 380000 users in jurisdictions where sports betting is legal and regulated through licensed sports books. Those 380000 users would have the option of placing their wagers through the sports book partners of VegasWinners. VegasWinners holds affiliate marketing partnerships with some of the biggest licensed sports books in the United States.

VegasWinners would also provide the users on the Horse Races Now database with its paid football handicapping advice and information. The Winners Inc stock was up by 55% on Friday.

BioAdaptives Inc (OTC: BDPT) – The company saw its stock rocket into prominence among penny stocks this past Friday as it ended up with gains of 15% for the day. While it is true that there was no material news about BioAdaptives Inc last week, it may be the right time to take a look into a key development from April this year. The company announced on April 20 that it had spun off its Livestock Impact Division into a fully owned subsidiary unit. The new unit would continue to work on the development and marketing of natural supplements meant for performance animals and pets.

However, it would make a move into global prominence by including botanical drugs for both human and veterinary use. Straits Research stated that the worldwide botanical drug market was valued at $163 million in 2021 and is projected to touch a valuation of $3221 million in 2030. That would work out to a CAGR of as much as 39% from 2022 through to 2030.

Greater Cannabis Company Inc (OTC: GCAN) – The publicly traded biopharmaceutical firm which works in the development of the next generation of therapeutics was in sharp focus among investors this past Friday. It had seen its stock move up sharply and clocking gains of as much as 20% as a consequence.

On July 5 the company had been in the news after it announced that it had been awarded approval by the Israeli Ministry of Health for its placebo-controlled, double-blind Phase II clinical trial for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The main objective of the trial would be to ascertain the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of Greater Cannabis Company’s proprietary product in pediatric patients.

Digital Locations Inc (OTC: DLOC) –  The company is involved in the development of disruptive technology that would deliver high-speed internet to smartphones all over the world from satellites. On Friday, Digital Locations Inc had been on the radars of investors and its stock went up by as much as 10%.

The company announced on June 27 that it had been accepted as one of the members of the trade body Satellite Industry Association. The SIA represents a large number of companies that are involved in the satellite industry in the United States. It was a significant development for Digital Locations and one that could give the company more clout.

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