Penny Stock Buzzers: NANX, CDXFF, LOGN, REVVF 

Penny stocks are often one of the more sought-after variants of stocks in the market due to the possibility of making high returns despite the associated risks. In recent days, there have been a number of penny stocks that have been buzzing and perhaps it’s time for investors to consider taking a look into some of those. Here is a look at four penny stock buzzers.

Nanophase Technologies Corp (OTC:NANX) – The stock came into the radars of investors after its fully owned subsidiary unit Solésence Beauty Science made a key announcement. Solésence Beauty, which offers mineral-based beauty products, announced that its product Natural Glow Face Oil SPF 40+, featuring Bloom and Kleir, had won the Cosmopack Award for Formulation for the second consecutive time in a row. In 2022, Solésence Beauty bagged the same award for the Multi-Cultural Magic SPF 50+ Featuring Kleair.

The Natural Glow Face Oil SPF 40+, which won the award this year, was developed with the purpose turning to boost skin health with a water-free formula. Such a product would also contribute towards protecting the earth’s precious resources by not using water. The facial oil is suitable for all skin types and helps in blurring fine lines which may appear on the face due to aging.

Cloud DX (OTC: CDXFF) – The company is one of the leading North American operators to provide remote patient monitoring services. On Wednesday, Cloud DX came into focus after it announced that St. Mary’s General Hospital located in Kitchener, Ontario had decided to raise the deployment of the remote patient monitoring products and services that the company offers. The company announced that it was the first new contract that had been signed under the auspices of the procurement agreement it had signed with Mohawk Medbuy.

Mohawk is a not-for-profit, national shared services organization which has gained the trust of hundreds of healthcare providers and hospitals in Canada. It helps these organizations to drive value, save costs and boost efficiencies. The agreement with Mohawk had been announced by Cloud DX on June 23, 2023. St. Mary’s is an existing customer of the company and had earlier installed connected devices for monitoring cardiac patients.

Logansport Financial Corp (OTC:LOGN) – The company is the parent company of Logansport Savings Bank and yesterday, it was in focus after it announced its earnings for the quarter that ended on June 30, 2023. Logansport Financial Corp announced that it had generated net earnings of $529,000, which worked out to earnings per diluted share of $0.86.

However, in the prior year period, the company had net earnings of $825000 to go along with earnings per diluted share of $1.35. In the year 2023 up until yesterday, the net earnings stood at $1,127,000 as opposed to $1,608,000 in the same period in 2022. The total assets with Logansport Financial Corp at the end of the period was $253.2 million as compared to $243.5 million at the end of the corresponding quarter in 2022.

ReVolve Renewable Power Corp (OTC:REVVF) – The company owns, develops and operates renewable energy projects and yesterday it announced that it had completed the interconnection milestone with regards to the 250 MW Parker Sole and Storage Project. The project had actually been sold to ENGIE IR Holdings LLC, a fully owned subsidiary unit of ENGIE SA in January 2023. It was a significant new milestone for ReVolve Renewable Power Corp. As per the provisions of the sale, it also included the sale of 1000 MW Bouse Solar and Storage Project and that had been mentioned in the press release that had been sent out on January 11, 2023.




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