Penny Stocks On Radar: VXTRF, LMSQF, DSTRF, PTNYF

There are a large number of penny stocks that have been in the news over the course of the past few days and many of those have also come onto the radars of investors. However, one needs to be a bit more selective in these matters. Here is a quick look at four penny stocks that have been on the radar of investors lately.

Voxtur Analytics Corp (OTC: VXTRF) – The North American technology company is involved in the development of a more accessible and transparent real estate lending system. Yesterday, the company showcased its path-breaking new product named Reports Now. The product is meant to substantially boost risk management and efficiency with regard to property valuations. The product would be available through the company’s best-in-class solution for appraisal firms known as ANOW.

Reports Now from Voxtur Analytics Corp is a cloud-powered reports-generating product that had been specifically built to take care of the various needs to modern appraisers. It does the job through the leveraging of a range of data interpretations. Additionally, it works smoothly in conjunction with ANOW Office so as to streamline the entire appraisal process and eliminates the necessity for any supplementary software or upgrades which may cost a substantial sum of money.

Latin Metals Inc (OTC: LMSQF) – Major mineral exploration company Latin Metals Inc, which operates mainly in South America, was in the news on Monday after it came up with a major update. The company announced yesterday that there had been significant progress at its Mirador project located in Argentina. Latin Metals announced that it had discovered an additional outcropping of copper mineralization and an extensive survey had already been started for the purpose of screening the property.

The initial prospecting work at the property revealed outcropping copper sediment-hosted copper mineralization and one of the samples even recorded 2.4% copper. It was also noted that the discovery also functioned as the critical proof of concept for the company. The press release further noted that the whole exercise was still at its early stages and the geologists of the company had only been able to walk over around 10% of the property.

DevvStream Holdings Inc (OTC: DSTRF) – The leading carbon credit generating company DevvStream Holdings Inc primarily specializes in technology solutions and on July 17 it made a major new announcement. The company announced yesterday that it had launched the Orphaned Oil and Gas Well Sealing Program as per the provisions of a recent methodology established by the American Carbon Registry.

The company had collaborated with its technology partner TS NANO Registry to set it up. The company launched the program by way of a live presentation to representatives across 20 states at the time of the National Association of State Trust Lands annual conference that had been held on July 11 at Santa Fe in New Mexico.

ParcelPal Logistics Inc (OTC: PTNYF) – On Tuesday the company made a significant new announcement which brought it on the radars of many investors. ParcelPal Logistics Inc announced that from June 2023 that is United States operations had turned fully profitable for the first time ever. It was a significant new milestone for the company and has been brought about by ParcelPal Logistics’ move to focus on the adjustments and improvements to its FedEx operations.

The company had taken over those FedEx operations around a year ago. In the prior months, there had been losses in the operations due to a range of major unexpected problems. However, the diligent efforts from the company and the associated adjustments ultimately bore fruit.

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