Penny Stocks On Radar: PTOP, RWGI, KRTL, FTRS

In the past few days, a number of penny stocks have come onto the radars of investors in a big way and it may be a good time to take a greater interest in many of those stocks. This feature would provide you with a closer look into four penny stocks that have drawn attention recently.

Peer to Peer Network (OTC:PTOP) – The company is one of the leading innovators in the tech industry. On June 18, Peer to Peer Network announced the launch of beta testing for MOBICAR 1.5, its much anticipated mobile app. The company noted it was a milestone that was a major step towards its commitment to changing the way people network.

The internal beta testing phase would be a significant part of the development process of MOBICAR. It would allow Peer to Peer Network to collect important feedback from the users and make the necessary tweaks prior to the official release.

The company offered some selected users the privilege of exploring the app. The internal beta testing team would use a mixture of Android and Apple iPhones through the TestFlight development app. The app had been designed to boost connectivity, productivity and networking capabilities. The app is loaded with features that are specifically meant to meet the demands of modern users.

Rodedawg International Industries Inc (OTC:RWGI) – Yesterday, Rodedawg International Industries Inc announced that it was going to continue to focus on its expansion into the licensed cannabis market in California. The Chief Executive Officer of the company Chris Schwartz noted that the company had signed a binding letter of intent for its expansion into that market. He added that the move would also bring a spurt in revenue growth due to the addition of new distribution outlets and product offerings.

As per the provisions of the letter of intent, the company would be able to operate in a licensed cannabis facility and had been given the option of purchasing the facility. Other stipulations of the agreement include management agreement of distribution and the possibility of launching a cannabis delivery service. Schwartz also stated that he wanted the shareholders of Rodedawg International Industries to know that the management was trying to build the company into a major cannabis company with revenues generating brands.

KRTL Holding Group Inc (OTC:KRTL) – Yesterday, the company announced that its fully owned subsidiary KRTL International Corp had gone into a partnership with Industria Quimico Farmaceutica SigmaCorp LLC and GIH Life Sciences LLC in Bolivia. The partnership was with regard to a tripartite agreement between the three parties. The agreement seeks to set up a relationship that would be mutually beneficial for all parties. The three companies would share general business ventures, business practices and agendas related to strategic partnerships.

The collaboration would also help in leveraging the cumulative expertise of the three companies to help with the emerging Bolivian THC/CBD research industry. Experts believe that the emerging industry in Bolivia offers considerable potential for innovation and growth.

Futuris Company (OTC:FTRS) – Human capital management company Futuris Company is involved in staffing, IT services and consulting. Yesterday, the company announced that it had acquired INSIGMA, its seventh acquisition. INSIGMA is involved in providing expert staffing services to organizations all over the world. It is a trusted service provider to some of the biggest IT services organizations, tech start-ups and healthcare MSPs among others. Its clients are spread across China, the United States, Mexico, India and Bulgaria.

The Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Futuris, Robert Day, noted that the acquisition would add annual revenue run rate of $10 million. Additionally, INSIGMA would also offer a significantly sized back office consisting of more than 70 people.



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